Affordable RAID-Protected SAN Solution

ATTO's FastStream™ SC along with SAN Management software and low cost SAS and/or SATA storage provides an efficient, affordable RAID protected solution to enable a collaborative workflow. FastStream SC 7500 allows you to implement a shared storage solution for a small workgroup with enough horsepower for up to six concurrent streams of 444 High Definition Video with RAID 5 parity protection. Since the FastStream provides parity protection to multiple storage enclosures, you eliminate the need to purchase RAID every time you purchase storage. ATTO Storage Controllers are scalable up to 128 storage devices, providing a path for growth as your storage needs increase, no need to start out with a complex SAN solution that is geared toward large enterprise installs when you have 3 or 4 editing suites. Read our technical brief to learn about this robust, affordable SAN solution.

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FastStream SC Configuration

FastStream Configuration - This solution is more economical than a traditional SAN. By combining RAID functionality and multiple fibre channel ports users can eliminate the need for a switch. Expansion is simple, just connect additional storage enclosures and the FastStream provides RAID protection for up to 128 storage devices including disk and tape.

The ATTO FastStream™ Storage Appliance family addresses customer needs for high performance, storage agnostic, stand alone RAID appliances which can be seamlessly integrated into an existing storage environment to provide blazing-fast access to valuable assets.

FastStream™ Highlights:

  • Instant Data Protection: Instantly add parity protection to disk storage systems to ensure your data is protected without compromising performance
  • Blazing-Fast Performance: The advanced architecture of FastStream storage appliances provides the performance needed to support dual streams of 10-bit HD video with alpha titles and 12 streams of SD video and database applications while managing latency
  • Smooth Data Streaming: Improve connectivity options of existing storage while making unused storage available to the servers that need it most with Storage Pooling
  • Simple One-Click Installation: Takes the guess work out of setup and installation while automatically optimizing for most application environments
  • On-the-fly Capacity Expansion: Unencumbered storage growth allows users to add and allocate storage as needed on an application by application basis. Add additional storage and expand existing RAID Groups while keeping all data intact.
  • Current Connectivity: Currently supports 6Gb SAS to 3Gb SAS/SATA, 8Gb Fibre Channel to 3Gb SAS/SATA, and 4Gb Fibre Channel to 3Gb SAS/SATA and 4Gb Fibre Channel to 4Gb Fibre Channel. Future versions will support iSCSI to SAS/SATA and iSCSI to Fibre Channel.

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