IBM and ATTO Technology

N Series MetroCluster

The IBM® System Storage™ N series MetroCluster with ATTO's FibreBridge®™ 6500 Fibre Channel-to-SAS storage controller, extends failover capabilities from a primary to a disparate site replicating data from both sites to ensure the data is completely up-to-date and available. If Site A goes down, MetroCluster allows you to rapidly resume operations at a remote site minutes after a disaster.

The inclusion of ATTO's FibreBridge® 6500 Fibre Channel-to-SAS bridge in the EXN3000 enables:

  • SAS/SATA disk storage to integrate into a Fibre Channel SAN
  • Increased availability and scalability while allowing the use of direct attached storage on a shared Fibre Channel network
  • Connection of newer, faster and higher capacity SAS drive technology to your existing 2, 4 or 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN
  • Management of disk and communication errors between targets and initiators

Compatible Operating Systems: