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ATTO/Avid Storage Solutions


ATTO Technology provides RAID solutions for Avid® systems allowing customers to dynamically protect, manage and extend high-performance storage systems. As an Avid Technology Development Partner, ATTO is committed to providing ongoing compatibility for Avid editing systems.

  • Local Storage

Avid Certified Local Storage Solution

ATTO Technology, Avid and JMR have combined the finest SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) RAID technology, editing systems and storage solutions to provide the next generation in high-performance digital content creation and management.

Avid Workstation

ATTO ExpressSAS solutions help customers maintain full performance and data protection when rebuilding drives in the event of a drive failure. Combining ExpressSAS with Avid editing software allows customers to take advantage of real-time playback of multiple streams of uncompressed HD.

This solution supports a wide range of Avid editing systems, including Media Composer®, Symphony™ and the Avid DS® family of products. It provides parity protection through RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) protection while maintaining multiple streams of both compressed and uncompressed SD and HD media without interruption. 

Solution Components

  • ATTO ExpressSAS R680 RAID Controller
  • JMR BlueStor SAS Expander
  • Qualified with Avid DS, Media Composer and Symphony

Features and benefits to customers

  • Fail-safe protection of content - Real-time parity RAID goes beyond conventional RAID protection by enabling systems to continue to operate at full performance with no data loss. Cusomters will now be able to complete any work in progress during drive failures, without loss of media and without requiring immediate drive replacement.
  • Full performance during drive rebuild - eliminates costs associated with system downtime by enabling customer's systems to be fully functional during the rebuild process of failed drives. Once the rebuild is complete, resumes full content protection.
  • Optimized for use with Avid editing systems and software - Customers will benefit from increased productivity in the field as a result of rigorous testing of Avid editing systems and software.

Pricing and Availability

Solution is available through JMR Electronics directly and it's worldwide network of resellers.