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ATTO has been enabling solutions in the Mac market for 25 years. With trusted solutions, Apple customers can rely on ATTO to meet the demanding requirements for their applications. ATTO provides continued support for the newly-released Mac OS® X Yosemite, as well as providing connectivity solutions for Apple's newest version of the Mac Pro®. If you are interested in receiving information on our latest driver releases for OS X, click here.


ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel, ExpressSAS SAS/SATA HBAs and ExpressSAS SAS/SATA RAID Adapters, Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator, Express Power Center Software and Thunderbolt™ technology enabled Desklink™ Devices support the latest version of Mac OS X.

Mac OS X has long been the platform choice for creative professionals, and advancements in file sizes and project complexity have pushed users to grow their storage footprint exponentially. ATTO has proven to provide the most reliable products powering high-performance audio and video workflow including 4K and 8K digital production, high-definition video editing and rich-content creation.

  • Thunderbolt
  • MultiPath Director™
  • Xtend SAN

ATTO Desklink™ Devices

ATTO ThunderLink™ and ThunderStream™ Desklink Devices enable Mac users storage and network connectivity for SAS, SATA, Fibre Channel or Ethernet devices for Thunderbolt enabled hosts. ATTO ThunderLink and ThunderStream products are focused on prosumer and professional audio and video markets where performance and latency management are key. With Thunderbolt connectivity creative professionals now have access to storage and networks at speeds not previously available with Firewire or USB.

ATTO delivers the highest consistent performance and reliable data transfers for video editing, digital audio, Video-on-Demand or database applications.

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Mac users can now connect to enterprise class storage with ATTO MultiPath Director™, a proprietary technology that provides high-performance Fibre Channel connectivity to a variety of storage using ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs. This connectivity solution is the only one of its kind in the industry and allows users to connect to storage arrays from HP®, EMC®, NetApp®, IBM® and many others.

ATTO's MultiPath Director is a multipathing solution for a broad range of operating systems (Mac OS® X, Linux, Windows® Server, and Windows workstations) that allows hosts to connect to storage arrays in a high-availability topology by leveraging its built-in data path redundancy provided by dual-redundant controllers. MultiPath Director, the only solution of itís kind available, provides uniform multipathing algorithms for multiple hosts regardless of operating system while maintaining high-end features of enterprise-class storage arrays in a Fibre Channel SAN.

Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac® software effortlessly allows users to connect iSCSI storage via standard workstation Ethernet ports. It enables users to take advantage of networked storage without the complexity of a Fibre Channel SAN. With iSCSI, small businesses and workgroups can take full advantage of a SAN environment, even with limited IT budgets and resources.

iSCSI is an important enabler for key applications including collaborative digital video/audio workflows, laptop connectivity to SANs, and remote backups. Xtend SAN is the market leader for Mac iSCSI initiators providing users with an easy upgrade path to add iSCSI storage to their ecosystem. Xtend SAN had been rigorously tested with market leading products from iSCSI manufacturers with both 32 and 64 bit versions of the latest Mac OS X software, ensuring a high degree of interoperability and reliability.