ATTO Technology, Inc.

intelligent Bridging Architecture™

The Engine that Powers the Platform for adding value.

Storage OEMs and integrators require robust connectivity solutions that add value with limited additional overhead. The breadth of solutions available via the Series Architectures found in the Data Routing Fabric and the depth of applications via the flexibility found in the Virtual Device Manager allow ATTO’s intelligent Bridging Architecture™ to exceed OEM and integrator needs far into the future.

Anything-to-anything connectivity – Same solution installs in wide variety of protocols

  • Lower integration cost due to reduced number of qualifications.
  • Improved integration productivity due to familiarity with product
  • Improved selling efficiency as one solution fits many applications

Platform for industry critical applications – serverless back up, failover

  • Increased sales volume by offering indemand customer requirements
  • Increased ROI on original OEM product design by embedding value added features into OEM product
  • Extended life cycle of original OEM product

SAN Interface

  • Improved integration productivity due to interoperability in heterogeneous SAN environments

Common software base and series architectures

  • Lower integration costs due to reduced qualification testing
  • Improved integration productivity Price/Performance feature sets to match OEM/Integrator pricing methods

Improved sales volume by extending features throughout OEM product selection

  • Easy integration over time
  • Improved ROI due to pathway for OEM value add