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Maintenance-free cache memory data protection

Power and system failures can permanently lose data that is located in cache memory. Traditionally, battery backup units (BBU) have been used to protect and recover cached data but they require constant monitoring, maintenance and replacement and only protect data for up to 72 hours after a failure. What if there was a better more cost-effective solution?

No Batteries, Lifetime Backup

CacheAssure™ uses supercap technology instead of a battery to protect your cached data. Save time and money by eliminating the need to install, monitor, maintain, dispose, and replace batteries, plus with CacheAssure, taking down the system for battery replacement is no longer a requirement.

Typical battery backup units last about 1 or 2 years and only provide up to 72 hours of data protection. With the combination of NAND flash and supercaps, ATTO's CacheAssure Technology provides full protection within minutes of installation. Contents in cache memory get saved immediately in the event of a system failure or power loss and can remain protected for up to 10 years!

ATTO's RAID products with CacheAssure Technology deliver a long-lasting and reliable cached data protection solution all without the worries associated with battery-based technology.

ATTO Products with
CacheAssure Technology

CacheAssure Benefits

CacheAssure Installation


  • Lifetime backup - CacheAssure protects data for up to 10 years. Batteries typically have to be replaced every 1 to 2 years and only provide up to 72 hours of data protection
  • Immediate RAID Protection - Maintain productivity levels with immediate response time when there is a power or system failure. CacheAssure charges in a few minutes while batteries can take 6-8 hours to recharge which can put data at risk.
  • Zero Maintenance - No resources needed to monitor charge levels or replace batteries
  • Environmentally-Friendly - Battery-free means no dealing with disposal or shipping regulations which reduces the cost and negative environmental effects associated with batteries