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Up to 4x faster than Ultra320 SCSI

Upgrade from SCSI to SAS

With ATTO ExpressSAS SAS/SATA HBAs and RAID Adapters

We have recently discontinued our award-winning ExpressPCI Ultra320 SCSI HBA product line. ATTO will still continue to be the leader in direct attached storage (DAS) with our current ExpressSAS™ SAS/SATA HBAs and RAID adapters, which provide DAS connectivity and offer higher throughput than SCSI.

ATTO ExpressSAS products provide performance for applications such as digital post-production that require increasingly higher throughput for 2K and 4K video editing, as well as flexibility to support transactional environments such as cloud computing, data center and financial reporting.

ExpressSAS SAS/SATA host and RAID adapters feature:

  • The same Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) smooth data transfers that accelerated our SCSI cards.
  • Enhanced cabling options. Thinner serial cables support longer distances and better signal quality to give more flexibility for your workflow without the termination issues of SCSI.
  • SAS/SATA supports speeds up to 4x faster than Ultra320 SCSI.
  • Manage your ExpressSAS products using the ATTO ConfigTool™ – the same integrated utility that you've trusted for years in your ExpressPCI SCSI products.
  • New features such as DriveAssure™ and Adaptive Path Optimization™ give you industry-best performance and data protection.

Current ExpressPCI customers can contact our support team for more product information.

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