Building an iSCSI Storage Area Network? Want to attach your existing SCSI storage to the network? The
ATTO iPBridge™ family offers organizations an affordable solution for connecting existing SCSI based
direct-attached-storage (DAS) solutions over an Ethernet network, enabling users to leverage existing investment in SCSI storage and Ethernet infrastructure and expertise.

With ATTO’s exclusive intelligent Bridging Architecture™– a unique combination of features that provide blazing fast performance, easy installation and smooth data streaming – ATTO bridge products allow you to reuse existing technology as the industry changes. Featuring the widest selection of bridge products in the industry customers can match a product to their price and performance needs. Available in rack mount, desktop and embedded form-factors, the ATTO iPBridge Family is an award-winning line of solutions.

iPBridge™ Highlights:

  • Attach existing SCSI storage to iSCSI SANs over Gigabit Ethernet
  • Interconnect Fibre Channel and iSCSI SANs
  • Utilize existing IP expertise and equipment with iSCSI
  • ExpressNAV™ management software features an easy-to-use browser-based GUI
    that provides remote configuration, management and diagnostic capabilities
  • Ultra320 SCSI and 4-Gb Fibre Channel storage supported

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